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Make up of a window screen.
How do I get it out?
What tools do I need 

How is a screen repaired?
How to repair a Screen Frame.




Why window screens

Window screens! Simple little items made to irritate the insects around your home. What's more, they actually work but only if you keep them in good condition. A bent frame or a small tear in the screen. You may as well not even have a screen because when damaged, it is pretty much useless. We are going to explain how easy it is to make this item, a friend of the home. You to, can make a simple repair to keep it working for you and keep those pesky insects outside where they belong. These windows may cover only the bottom window which in most cases the only one that opens. There is also some window screens which cover the entire window top to bottom.

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Make up of a window screen

What is used to make a window screen? Not much. These are simple to understand and create even for a home owner. Using the proper tools and material anybody can make window screens. Below you will see a couple pictures which show the simple materials needed.


Screen frame comes in lengths of 8 foot at most home center stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. It also comes in white, brown and mil finish (plain aluminum) colors. Some stores may have other colors available.



A roll of screen is also needed to cover the frame. A rubber spline which holds the screen in the frame.





Now we also need the last item needed to make the basic screen. It is the corners. The ones shown above is a simple to use corner and presses into the ends of the frame. You can also get aluminum corners which hide completely inside the frame and requires 90 degree ends cut on the frame.


You can also find at the home centers, some springs which are installed in the corners to help hold the screen frame in place.  Most cases this is not needed. There is some pins which can be purchased and installed to hold the full window screen frames in place. They are spring loaded and must have holes drilled to install them.

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How do I get the screen out?

How do you get a screen out of the window. Here, you are on your own. (grin) Not really, there are a couple basic types which are easily removed and most widely used. The easiest one is on the new vinyl windows and covers them top to bottom. They are generally held in place with 2 top pins which fit into holes of the wood at the top. 2 more pins hold it in the sides near the bottom. To remove them, pull the bottom pins toward the center of the screen just a little bit and the screen frame will pull away from the window. Lower the screen about a half inch and the top pins come out of the wood at the top and your screen has been removed.

There is of course some which cover only the bottom of the windows and can be removed by raising them only about a 1/4 inch and pull out the bottom. The screen will than fall free from the window. Storm windows which cover the old wood sash windows are a little more complicated. Most generally these can be removed without removing the entire storm window from the house. Start from inside the house. Raise the wood window as high as you can go with it. Than raise the storm window about an inch by pressing the thumb catches at the bottom toward the center of the window. If you press them all the way as far as they go, about one inch, the bottom of the storm window can be pulled out of place toward you. It should than be lowered until the TOP of the BOTTOM window is about half way down. Swing the bottom of this window glass toward you so the window is almost laid out flat like a table. Be careful not to let the edge which is still in the frame, drop to the bottom as this can break the window. With it in the table position, you must lower only one side at the frame which would allow the pins which hold it in place to come free of the window frame. Set the window aside. Now the screen may be removed using the same method as the window if it has the thumb pulls. If it does not, press the top of the screen frame upward until the bottom of the screen frame will come in toward you. It truly is a simple process. Once the screen frame is out of place at the bottom, you may have to lower it a little bit until the top of the screen frame is free.  At this point slide the top of the screen up BETWEEN the wood window and the storm window. This will allow it to go up a couple of inches and allow the bottom of the screen frame to pull toward you and can be lowered out of the window completely

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What tools do I need to repair it.

The tools needed is very cheap and easy to use. A box cutter, other wise known as a utility knife. A window screening tool is also very helpful. It looks similar to a pizza cutter with a little thicker wheel on it. A square is used to keep the frame square while you screen it however this is not absolutely required. I will often Use the kitchen floor instead. The kitchen floor? Yes, you heard me right. The kitchen floor has either ceramic tiles or a vinyl flooring which most often contains designs made up of a grid line layout. Line up your frame with the lines on the floor before installing the rubber spline.

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How is a screen repaired?

To repair the screen, lay it on a flat surface. Looking at or near the corners of the screen frame, you will see a black (or other dark colored) rubber strip which goes all the way around the screen. This holds the screen onto the frame. Near at least one corner you will see where the rubber ends and starts again. Using the utility knife or other small pointed object, start removing this rubber strip. It must be removed all the way around. With that out of the way, you can pull the screen free from the frame. Now lay the new screen over the frame and roll it out flat. Make certain you have extra screen on all sides. You will need to keep the frame as square as possible either with a square or as described in the tools section above. Now using the screen tool (pizza cutter look alike tool) you must start at or near a corner and press the rubber spline into the crack of the frame. This will press the screen in along with it and hold it snug in place. Do this all the way around. The rubber will stretch a little bit as it goes in so if you have a little extra when you finish, simply cut it back some. BE CAREFUL, VERY CAREFUL! Watch to be sure the frame stays square AND that you do not put the screen in to tight. If you put it in to tight the rails of the screen frame will bow and this leaves a nasty crack around the edges when you put it back in the window.

Now of course you don't put new screen in a frame that is damaged so if your frame is bent or broken, repair it first as follows.

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How to repair a screen frame.

To repair a screen frame, follow all above instructions to remove the screen from the frame. Now with that done, carefully pull apart the corners. These should slide off the corner brackets. If there is a good piece of frame opposite of the broken one, measure it for the length of the new one. Make a mental note if the corner of the frame shows the corner bracket or if it is hidden inside. Both slides together and apart. It is held together with the new screen in place. The hidden bracket requires the new frame be cut with 45 degree angles on it. If the corners show when the frame is assembled, you must make your cuts straight across the frame. Make the new pieces at full length of your measurement if it is hidden brackets. If you have the exposed brackets you must cut the frame at 1 1/2 inches short. This is due to the corners showing 3/4 inches on each corner. Now that your new pieces are cut to proper length, assemble them by taking two opposite sides of the frame and installing 2 corners on each of them. Now press the other two rails onto them. Make sure the crack for the rubber strip is facing you on all rails. Take your repaired FRAME to the window and check for fit. Do this before you apply the screen and rubber strip to it. If it fits than continue to add the screen to the frame as described above. How is it repaired.

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