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Understanding how your house works is the first step to understanding how to repair it. Here we are going to show you some simple things like what holds the walls together and what is inside them. Why do I get a hole in the bedroom door when I try to nail to it, or why does the door not latch closed. Why does the texture come off the ceiling in the bathroom. Why does cool air come in around the exterior doors.

These are only a few things that we will cover here. Many items will have pictures to help you see the answers.

You can see here that the gap at the top of the door is larger on one side than the other and closer to the side jamb at the top than it is at the bottom. This can almost always be caused by the door jamb starting to bow or shift. The slightest bow or shift can make the door look un-square. It can also make the door not latch to stay closed. Many people believe that the door has to be pulled down and hang it after making adjustments or shaving some of the edges. This is not the case most of the time. Check our DIY section for the SIMPLE ONE MINUTE FIX.



Door Closer Screw Adjust



How about a storm door. Why does it slam on your heels as you enter through the storm door. The closer on this storm door has a screw at the end as indicated by the white arrow in the picture to the left.  Check out our DIY area to find out how you can take care of this problem in less than a minute. No more busted heels when getting into your home. Sometimes, this same problem can cause the door to take way to long to close. Simple fix! Find out now in the DIY section.




My toilet sounds like it is leaking but I don't see any water on the floor. If you hear it, the sound is most likely inside the toilet. These are very simple fixes. Check out our DIY page under toilets and find out how you can fix it yourself.








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