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Storm Door Closer
Chain and Spring Assembly
Hinge Track
Storm Door Handle
How To Install A Storm Door

Quite often you will find yourself struggling with a storm door. Either it hits the side coming closed or the wind blows it out of your hands as you open it. Maybe it closes to quickly when you pass through it. Maybe it closes to slow and allows all your neighbors insects time to enter. Don't get discouraged. Most of this is an easy fix. Some of it may require you to order a new hinge track side of the storm door frame. Let's check for instance the speed it closes. What can be done about it.. Scroll down to find out more about storm door closer's.



Storm door closer

Every storm door should have a door closer. Please do not eliminate this fascinating item. It can be found at the hinged side of the storm door. It is the magnificent helper which will close the door behind you every time you go through it. It can be adjusted to close faster or slower so don't let it hit you in the back side as you go through it just because it closes to fast. On the same note, you don't want it to stay open long enough for the Dogs and cats from your neighbors house to enter either. How do you adjust this item? A screwdriver will do the job. Most generally it will be a cross tip or Philip screwdriver. The white arrow in the picture to the left will show the location of a screw. It is seated inside the small hole at the end of the closer. Adjusting it clockwise will slow the door down. Counter clockwise will allow the door to close faster. You must make adjustments very little at a time. A small adjustment can make a big difference.

Chain and spring assembly
Spring and Chain Assembly

The chain and spring assembly should be used any time the door does not open into a corner against another wall. It is there to assist your closer in preventing the door from opening to wide. If it gets blown open in the wind. The closer may and very likely will twist and bust the door jamb. The spring will help prevent this which in turn will save you many dollars. They are fairly cheap and can be purchased for approximately $4.00 at your local hardware store. They connect from center (approximately 17 inches from hinged side of jamb) of top entry door jamb to the center of the storm door at the top. A nail is included to attach a small spring also included. The little spring and nail will hold the chain out of your face if you are simply looking out the door.

Storm Door Handle

Storm door handles are a vital part of the storm door. It makes it possible to open the door from the outside and it also holds the door closed when the wind blows or if the baby gets a wild hair and wants to take a walk. It should be installed so that it sets between the door knob and dead bolt of the entry door. If it is in the same position of one of these two items, it may hit them and prevent the door from closing all the way. It consist of the inside handle, outside handle with button, a steel or plastic straight pin which goes between the two handles and a spring  (small end toward the button) which release the door latch every time you push it in. Of course we must also have 2 to 3 screws. 2 screws hold the handles together while a 3rd (not needed for some handles) goes in the bottom of the outside handle to prevent it from breaking off after extended use or when your buddy decides to pull the door handle without pushing the button.

Hinge ZBAR

Hinge Track


The hinge track of the storm door contains 3 or 4 hinges which is mounted to the storm door. The track is than mounted to the wood door jamb. When these hinges break, there is nearly nothing you can do to fix them. Be sure to use a chain and spring assembly on the storm door if the storm door does not open into a corner at nearly 90 degrees. If it is allowed to go further, the closer will most likely break the door jamb. You should also find a small tag on the hinge track with the serial number for the door warranty. If not on a small tag, you may find it engraved into the metal of the hinge track. 

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How To Install A Storm Door

Tape Measure

You may find installing a storm door much simpler than you would first guess. You will need the following tools at a minimum.

5/16ths inch drill bit
Box cutter knife

Phillips Screwdriver (battery operated screw gun preferred)
Masking or scotch tape may also be helpful.


Lets look at the simple steps of installing the storm door.
1. Remove the contents of the package and check to see that all the parts are present.
2. Measure the entry door for the size of the storm door hinge track and cut the track to fit. (1/8" short)
3.Install the hinge track on the correct edge of the storm door.
4. Hold the storm door in place at entry door.
5. If more than a 1/2 inch is left on the handle edge of the storm door, Install a 1/4" wood strip on hinged side.
6. Install the storm door onto the entry door jamb.
7. Install the top piece of frame.
8. Measure and cut the ( NEW MEASUREMENT ) third piece of the storm door frame.
9. Install the third piece of frame on the entry door jamb.
10. Using a template provided with most stor
m doors, drill the holes in the storm door for the handle.
11. Install the handle and latch strike plate.
12. Install the bracket for the storm door closer on the wood entry door jamb.
13. Connect the closer to the bracket to find position of the bracket to be installed on the storm door.
14. Install 2nd bracket and connect closer.
15. Install door sweep at the bottom with provided screws. The rubber on the bottom should touch slightly.
16. If chain and spring is desired. attach heavy spring end of chain about 17 inches into top jamb from hinged side.
17. Attach the chain end of the assembly to the storm door at a point it would stop door at 90 degree open.
18. Find lowest link of chain with door closed and twist the small spring onto it.
19. Insert nail provided 2 to 3 inches from hinged side of jamb into the top wood jamb and hook the small spring onto it.
What did you expect more? OKAY!  lets make sure it closes the door fast enough. If faster is desired, adjust screw in closer. You will find this in the closer part of this article.

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Let's look at more detailed installation.

Most storm doors come to you designed to make it easy for you and you should always Read over your instructions first. What you will find in these instructions is only a basic set of instructions and some doors will differ a little bit. Most doors can be either left hand or right hand. Your instructions will explain how this is done. Most generally it is determined by which edge of the door you install the hinge track on and where you drill the holes for the handle. You will most likely find that the holes for the handle is not drilled in the door when you make your purchase. Make sure you start working from the correct edge of the door. Make certain you have the finger pulls, if so equipped, to open the storm door window, on the inside of the door. As a general rule, measure the door jamb opening between the threshold and the bottom edge of the TOP door exterior trim, where you will install the storm door and cut the BOTTOM off the hinge track to make it the desired height. Let's make it about 1/8th inch shorter than the exact measurement of the wood door jamb. This allows the top piece of storm door frame to be inserted above it. Install the hinge track on the edge of the door leaving it extend past the top of the door by approximately 1/8" to 3/16". Install it on the edge of the door with the silver pan head screws. Next you can hang the storm door with hinge track on the door jamb. Use your level to make sure the storm door is plumb (straight up and down).  To do this you should find in the box some screws that are colored the same as the door.

These screws will be used to install the frame anywhere you will see the screws to help it blend in.  Now use the flat head silver screws to fasten the inside of this hinge track to the jamb. These must be straight in and will be hidden when the door is closed. Next you will install the top storm door frame track which will install with 2 or 3 colored screws. Hold the top track in place and close the storm door. Visually check to see that the space between door and frame track is even across the top of the door before you put the screws in it. Now we need to put the third and final piece of frame track in place. Again we must measure between the threshold of the entry door where the frame track will sit on it, up to the bottom side of the top frame track of the storm door. Cut the Bottom of the frame track with the hacksaw to fit your exact measurement. Hold it in place at the door jamb and close the storm door against it. Make certain you have a small gap between the storm door and the new piece of frame before installing the screws. We don't want it to rub the frame track. Now we have the door and all three pieces of door frame installed.

Next we need to install the handle. Using a drill with the 5/16th inch drill bit. You should find a paper template in the box of screws. Taping it in place may help you keep it in one place until you have drilled all three holes. Fold it on the dotted line and hold over the edge of the storm door. It has the holes marked where you must drill to install the door handle. *** Check your handle position to ensure it does not line up in the same place as your door knob or deadbolt on the entry door. It may hit them when the door is closed. Simply raise or lower it's position as needed before drilling the holes. Be sure to drill or mark all three holes before moving the paper template. The position of the holes is critical to fit the handle. To assemble the handle  Pay close attention to the spring. It has one small end and one large end. The smallest end goes towards the handle outside button. If it is in backwards, the spring may slip inside the storm door. This would not allow it to return the button when it is pushed to open the door. After installing the handle on the door, install the strike plate on the entry door jamb. This must be adjusted to allow the storm door handle to catch it when the storm door comes closed. Most storm doors also come with a door sweep. This is a piece that is to be attached to the BOTTOM of the door and closes the gap between the storm door and the threshold. With it on the bottom of the door. Close the storm door and adjust the sweep up or down to close the gap. Do not compress it to tight against the threshold. This would cause to much friction to allow the door to glide over the threshold when closing. It may stop before it gets closed. Once you have this adjusted, you should have two (2) small screws which will attach it to the door and hold it in place. Be sure to use the correct screws. Some of the screws included may go out the other side of the door and become dangerously sharp.

If your door does not open into a corner at a 90 degree angle, You should install the storm door chain and spring assembly. This will assist you in stopping a run away door when the wind is blowing outside. It should attach to the top of the storm door inside and near center. It will also fasten to the entry door jamb near center. You will need to hold the door open at approximately 90 degree to adjust your position of the chain. There is also a second tighter wound spring and a nail included to hold the chain and spring assembly out of your face when the door is closed. The nail should be put in the top of the entry door jamb near the hinged edge of the door. Find the lowest hanging link in the chain with the storm door closed. Attach the spring to this link and the other end of the tight spring to the head of the nail. This will allow the door to open all the way while it also holds the chain up when the door is closed.

Some doors do not close all the way sometimes if the entry door is closed. This is due to compressed air between the doors. You may find it helpful to leave the window of the storm door open just a crack. This will allow the air to escape and let the door close all the way.

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