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Our goal is to provide the best possible repairs for the lowest possible cost to our clients. 

 Money doesn't come easy to anyone so we will do our best to make sure it doesn't go away easy with quality work at an affordable price. A completed repair should not look like it was fabricated in the back of a barn using a rock and corn cob. Let us help you bring the life back into your home. With the right tools and the knowledge of the original condition, Our magic will help you forget the degraded condition that occurs when you don't have the time or the knowledge to do the repairs to make your home remain HOME SWEET HOME. Let us bring the sweet sound of music back to your home !
Experience the DIY effect. (Do It Yourself)

About myself

Born  in West Virginia deep in the cold hills (Marion County)

Graduated High School
Fairview High - 1979

Joined Military
US ARMY 1982 - 1992
Served during the Gulf War

Moved to Clarksville, TN
March of 1994

Started full time Home Reapirs
1997 to Present

After Hours I enjoy:
Line Dancing
Horse Shoes
 A good scifi movie
Nice action movies

* Who's the boss *
This guy is, John Six
Owner and operator



ExpExperienced the many restaurant jobs, Auto Body work and Home repairs which began at age 14. Before that, we rebuilt the home we lived in one room at a time while we were occupying this home.

Didn't like the Cold winters much so I joined the military in March of 1982. Spent time in Germany, Korea and Fort Eustis VA.

While in the military I also done the repairs on the military buildings that my company occupied. I worked mainly in supply but always loved the repairs.

When I got out of the ARMY, I done some warehousing and mason work than again jumped back into the home repairs full time. This was my passion and I just could not stay away.

It stiill to this day amazes me how building contractors can put a home together so very fast and it actually stands. So many corners cut and short cuts taken. Some houses have to be repaired when the building is done and before anyone moves in.

I believe in quality work and keeping originallity of the home. I don't do patch work. The job should be very stable and a serviceable job as well as cosmetically sound. It has got to look good when the repair is finished. If I wouldn't have it done that way in my home, I won't do it in other homes. QUALITY REPAIRS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Money doesn't come easy for most folks and it shouldn't be easy to go either. I am not in it to get rich but I must get the bills paid as well as give Uncle Sam his share. Why degrade a home and have the value plummet from the results of a repair. The value should go up, not down. It is a life long investment. Forget the backwoods redneck repairs and get it done right.


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