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Mildew is a disgusting representation of neglect. If it isn't kept clean and hummidity is high, you will probably see this. You will find it in your bathrooms and on the side of your house. It covers walls and tubs. Gets nasty and if let go for a long time, it can grow into a dangerous stage. Mildew is a part of life but can be safely cleaned if it isn't growing very extreme. A little bleach and water can make you feel like a pro at getting rid of it. Check out these pictures but remember. A little bleach and water can clear it up most of the time.











Exterior mildew? What's that? Ever come home from work and noticed the wood at your front porch was starting to get a little gray tint to it. No longer was it that bright fresh painted color. If you look close, you may see that dull look is caused by tiny black spots. It is all over the paint and even on the siding. The porch ceiling is starting to get a little darker too. Is your paint still in good shape, If you have had a good coat of paint on it and the paint is not peeling than, yes, most likely your paint is still in good shape. You can bring the natural fresh paint look back to it real easy. Don't walk around to the shady side of the house and see a green or black mess all over the siding than run and get some paint. You don't want to paint the siding anyway. Get your self a garden pump sprayer at your nearby hardware store or maybe down at the walmart down the street. A 2 gallon sprayer works great and cost somewhere between 20 and 30 bucks. While you are there, grab a couple gallons of bleach too. Get out your water hose. You are ready to bring back the renewed finish to your home. Mix bleach and water in spray jug. About 1/4 bleach to 3/4 water works great. Spray the solution on the wood and siding. Window wood too. Let's not forget them. After you wet it down, give it 10 minutes and hose it off. What a difference you will have made. Don't let the bleach dry on the house and if you have the cheap siding, maybe not a full 10 minutes. Siding cleaner will do fine for cheap vinyl siding. Cost a little more but it won't dull the color. As you spray the solution, check out the real miracle at work. You can actually see it disolve the mildew and watch it simply run off the house. Check out these pictures, one of them may look like your house. Notice in the 4th picture, there is a small area of the siding which has set for 3 minutes after the spray. Not even rinsed yet. Check that out!



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