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Just click on a link below to view a disgusting picture. These pictures are actual photos taken in homes where we have done some repairs. Hope you don't find any in your home.


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  Termite Damage  



In this picture you can see the little buggers and they were very active when they got their picture taken. Some have wings and some do not. In the spring you may find them swarming between your front storm door and the entry door. They are looking for a new home so don't make it easy for them. They have quite an appetite and they work well in dark spaces. They can not live in the sun and when light hits them, they scurry off to their nearby hiding ground


Here you can see that the termites leave a nasty little crater everywhere they go when they get up into the wall. You may not see it on the surface however they eat their way up the wall and just behind the paint. They are very good at not breaking the paint as it is their protection from light. You may start to notice tracks where the paint begins to shrink and sink into the little craters. This will leave a small indentation in the wall which is not very noticeable.



Picture #2 shows some wood after they have feasted just beneath your foot steps. They create large tracks and often cover the tracks with a sand like substance. These sand like tunnels give them cover.  Once they have finished eating all the wood in the center of a board, they will go to another board and in some instances may eat away part of the outside of the hollow board.



Picture #3 shows that they do not stay only in the solid wood below but they do travel on the surface of flooring boards which are sheltered by insulation or other objects such as pipes which are secured against the wood. They have finished eating away the inside of the floor joist wood and with that wood falling apart with a skin no more than paper thin, they are not about to let anything stop them. It's a party!



Picture #4 shows us a surface web that has been built as they ate away on the outside of the wood. They build their little sand type tunnels and crawl through them as fast as there little choppers will allow.


Termites are no joke! They can do some serious damage and it takes them very little time to do so. If you see any of these tunnels or maybe the paint on the wall caving in, get help quick. In the exterior wood you can find termites in areas that stay some what damp and dark. Let's not mistake wood rot for termite damage however if rot is let go and not repaired, termites will take over and destroy the wood much faster. If it is termites, you will definitely see tunnels. Either in sand or carved through the wood fibers. Don't feed the termites and if you get them, get help now!


 Water damage


Water damage can happen anywhere that water is allowed to sit. This means if you have bumped the plumbing under your sink and started it to drip even the slightest little bit, You have started the process of water damage. First a stain and than the wood fibers start to break down. Maybe the water got under the edge of the vinyl flooring. It starts to turn brown and no matter how much you scrub, you can't get the stain up. It is under the vinyl, not on top. Now if it can get under an edge, it will get to the wood and than, OH BOY, we have problems.  Wood starts to break down or decay. Soon we have soft spots on the floor that feels a little spongy. No big deal right? we aren't going to fall through the floor. WRONG. Once the wood starts to rot, it doesn't just get soft on the surface, it gets soft all the way through and when it is rotted through, the floor joist which holds up the floor starts to rot and soon it is all gone. Not just under the sink. This happens to window sills, around toilets and yes, even at the doors. It don't matter that there is no plumbing. Mother nature has allowed her moisture to seep in at the edges of the threshold and door jambs and, yep, you guessed it. We have a water park with sponge wood to squeeze.  Take a look at these pictures below. A door way has no floor left, The wood under the door is gone and the tops of the floor joist boards have started to rot. Now we have a big job ahead of us, not to mention the cost of our next 2 or 3 vacations shot. The third picture is a bathroom floor with ceramic tile. Yep, even the ceramic tile is no match for water damage once it gets under the edge. Not just along the wall but if the toilet starts leaking at the wax seal under it. The wood under the ceramic tile rots away and often is nearly all gone before you start seeing the signs of damage. What are the signs you ask. Have you ever went into a home and saw a small crack in the ceramic tile floor? Oops! To late. May be able to avoid the major repairs at this time if you can find the leak and fix it. What ever you do, don't use caulking around the bottom of the toilet. If it starts to leak, you want to see the water coming out from under it. If you seal it in, the floor will be gone and one day you will be sitting on the commode and nothing left to rest your feet on.

As we mentioned before, there doesn't have to be plumbing to cause these problems. Check out the outside wood.




     Exterior Wood rot   


In this picture of a porch post you can find the wood rot with no problem. How did it get this bad? it was hidden under some trim boards. A baseboard style wood just like you have in your house around the walls was used and was not kept sealed. Water got behind it and had a rotting good time. If you have porch post like this on your home, get some caulking and get started. Caulk a thin line around the top of the trim wood to keep out the water.

Here we have a window sill which has the paint peeling and mildew growing. Mildew will break down the wood fibers and start it to rotting if it is not taken care of. Never under estimate the value of CAULKING and PRIMER. That's right. Caulk it to seal it but caulking gets hard and will crack. When it cracks, it is like you don't even have it. It protects nothing. Keep it from cracking longer with a good coat of PRIMER before painting it. Paint on exterior wood can break down quickly and leave you with no protection. All wood must be cleaned good before any of these things will stick well. A little bleach and water than rinse.


Here is yet another window damaged by simple neglect. We must keep the wood sealed to prevent the rot. If the paint is peeling, than you are looking for trouble.

  Exterior Mildew  


Exterior mildew? What's that? Ever come home from work and noticed the wood at your front porch was starting to get a little gray tint to it. No longer was it that bright fresh painted color. If you look close, you may see that dull look is caused by tiny black spots. It is all over the paint and even on the siding. The porch ceiling is starting to get a little darker too. Is your paint still in good shape, If you have had a good coat of paint on it and the paint is not peeling than, yes, most likely your paint is still in good shape. You can bring the natural fresh paint look back to it real easy. Don't walk around to the shady side of the house and see a green or black mess all over the siding than run and get some paint. You don't want to paint the siding anyway. Get your self a garden pump sprayer at your nearby hardware store or maybe down at the walmart down the street. A 2 gallon sprayer works great and cost somewhere between 20 and 30 bucks. While you are there, grab a couple gallons of bleach too. Get out your water hose. You are ready to bring back the renewed finish to your home. Mix bleach and water in spray jug. About 1/4 bleach to 3/4 water works great. Spray the solution on the wood and siding. Window wood too. Let's not forget them. After you wet it down, give it 10 minutes and hose it off. What a difference you will have made. Don't let the bleach dry on the house and if you have the cheap siding, maybe not a full 10 minutes. Siding cleaner will do fine for cheap vinyl siding. Cost a little more but it won't dull the color. As you spray the solution, check out the real miracle at work. You can actually see it disolve the mildew and watch it simply run off the house. Check out these pictures, one of them may look like your house. Notice in the 4th picture, there is a small area of the siding which has set for 3 minutes after the spray. Not even rinsed yet. Check that out!




  Interior Mildew  


Now here is something to make your stomach do flip flops. These pictures are taken inside a house that was occupied when the pictures were taken. The walls, ceilings and doors. Everything was covered in the garage and was growing mildew even inside the door leading to the kitchen.



This is a picture taken in a house attached garage area. All the walls and ceiling was in this same condition. Black mildew to the point of being a hazardous condition.

This is the attic access in the garage ceiling. As you can see, there is no end to the black mildew. It has over taken the house and growing through the wall. It is now on the wall above the door into the kitchen. Yes, in the kitchen wall.


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