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Our goal is to provide the best possible repairs for the lowest possible cost to our clients. 

 Money doesn't come easy to anyone so we will do our best to make sure it doesn't go away easy with quality work at an affordable price. A completed repair should not look like it was fabricated in the back of a barn using a rock and corn cob. Let us help you bring the life back into your home. With the right tools and the knowledge of the original condition, Our magic will help you forget the degraded condition that occurs when you don't have the time or the knowledge to do the repairs to make your home remain HOME SWEET HOME. Let us bring the sweet sound of music back to your home !
Experience the DIY effect. (Do It Yourself)

Determination will make it work

With a little determination, you can make things happen. Even this little one understands that. He couldn't pick it up but rolling it made it move. Sometimes it isn't what you try to do, but HOW you try to do it.

Many things in life  may require a little thought and we all have to think it over from time to time.


Home made Jukebox
Christmas 2003
Merry Christmas to my Lovely Wife

In this information packet you will find not only that it is possible for you to make the repairs yourself and save a lot of money. but you will also find the instruction and online help needed to complete nearly any project. If you decide to do a project that is not outlined in this info packet, there is a message board where others may be able to give you all the help you need. If those who can offer help live near you, you may even find a helping hand who would love to assist. Wow! Info and a new friendship building opportunity.

Don't forget the most important addition to the site is you. Offer your assistance and experience to help AMERICA grow closer and more knowledgeable. A person helping them self can go great distances and grow more confident in their daily life. Be a part of it yourself today.


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